WP6: Impact on LCOE and Market Value

WP6: The primary objective of WP6 is utilising the impact opportunities created in WPs 2-5, quantifying the expected effects, and evaluating them with respect to the targets set by SO5. A risk-based O&M model will be developed, which uses the improved component reliability modelling established in WP5, to devise O&M strategies which minimize financial risk. A cost uncertainty propagation model is developed, which computes the effect of the uncertainties quantified in WP2 and WP3 on the uncertainty in power production, fatigue life, and subsequently LCOE. A methodology will be developed to assess the value of wind farm assets depending on their O&M strategy and the state of the electricity market. A final impact assessment is carried out to quantitatively verify how the technological achievements of HIPERWIND transform into market value improvement and reduction of LCOE.